I want to submit my stories to Tainted Shorts! How do I do this?

Great! Simply sign up, then head to the forum and complete the application form there, or click here for a direct link.

Do I need to format my posts to any standard?

I'd very much appreciate if you can 'justify' your text (guidance below) and make sure there are no long "wall-of-text" paragraphs. This will make your post much easier for users to read.

Also, please ensure that you own the rights to any image you use on your blog posts, or that they're royalty-free. Tainted Shorts claims no responsibility to the usage of images in an individual author's blog posts. If an image is found to breach copyright, we will remove the post immediately.

My work has been published before, can I still post it here?

As long as you own the rights to the work and are not legally obligated to keep it exclusive elsewhere, then of course!

Unfortunately, running this site isn't free. If you've enjoyed using the site, please consider donating a cup of coffee's worth so we can continue to upgrade and expand going forward. The amount is entirely up to you, we're grateful for every penny.

Thank you!

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